SMS Sending Jobs

1. Is it genuine ?
Many companies make lured to the people showing a hues income but ultimately they disappear. Beware of that companies. You will get , if you work ; You will not get paid , if you don't work . Our company is verified and BBB attested. This is your, for you and run by you .

2. How much can i make the real income ?
It totally depends on you . the more you work, the more you can make money.

3. It is full time or part time ?
Both the processes you can take.

4. How can i get joined?
Joining process is easy and simple. You just fill up the application form with proper details and make a demand draft of Rs 2,500/- and send us.

5. Why registration fee is needed?
We have to keep your the records and account details monthly. Your payment has to be processed through check, DD or buy means. For that reason , we are charging you a little amount of fee for the contract period.

6. has it to be renewed again?
Yes, every twelve months your contract period will be expired . It doesn't mean that you are terminated for life time; You can start your work after twelve months also by paying a little amount of fee for the contract period

7. Can i join from any country?
as the job is available on worldwide web , You can join from any countries of the world.

8. What is the qualification for the job?
You must have the basic knowledge of computer and internet surfing. Even the housewives also can do it as part or full time job.

9. Will i get any authentic documents from company after joining?
Yes, You will get

1. Member ship certificate,

2. Terms & condition,

3. Job instruction,

4. Other job packages.